Stephan Trockle


For the last 20 years BFHs Founder & CEO Stephan Trockle has worked for an extensive number of broadcasters, production companies, distributors, branding agencies and media consultancies, in the UK, the US, Germany and Luxembourg. Previous employers include BBC Drama, CLT-UFA International, Company Pictures, Concorde Filmverleih, Headline Pictures, MediaXchange, PRO7 Media and the RTL Group.

Stephans first feature film, QUARTET was directed by Dustin Hoffmann, starring Dame Maggi Smith, Sir Tom Courtenay, Billy Connolly, Pauline Collins and Sheridan Smith, and premiered in the UK during the London Film Festival in October 2012. His second feature film, INVISIBLE WOMAN directed by Ralph Fiennes, starring Ralph Fiennes as Charles Dickens, Felicity Jones and Kristin Scott Thomas, was nominated for an Oscar at the 2014 Academy Awards.

Stephan Trockle started his academic career with being accepted to Germanys most prestigious film and television school, Hochschule fuer Film & Fernsehen HFF, in Munich in 1998, where he produced two student films, including 1999 Rosebud Award-winner MIRACLE BABY.

Leaving the school at the end of 1999 to extend his professional career outside of Germany, he continued his studies again in 2001, when he did his B.A. Media & Arts at Royal Holloway University, 2004: First Class Honours). For his M.A. in Producing Film & Television (2005: Distinction), he was tutored by BAFTA-nominated producer Tony Garnett (Beautiful Thing, Kes, This Life) and awarded the Channel 5 and the AHRB Scholarship.

As part of the compulsory community service in lieu of the German military service. Stephan worked for 15 months with HIV and AIDS patients in Munich, before he spent an additional three months in a Croatian Refugee Camp in Croatia.